PARANORMAL LINGO: What does “paranormal” mean?

We use the word “paranormal” all the time. But do you know what it means?


When something weird or strange happens that can’t be explained by science.


Do you think paranormal means only ghosts? That’s okay! A lot of people do. BUT it’s not just ghosts. Mysterious creatures lurking in the woods may be paranormal. As can those weird unidentified flying objects (UFOs) you may have seen floating above your backyard. Here’s an example of something paranormal we may have found.

The Creepy Crawler of the Seville House

Before we started joining our parents on S.P.I.R.I.T. investigations, they spent a night investigating an old house-turned-museum called THE SEVILLE HOUSE. It stands alone in the middle of the woods on the edge of Elmwood.

We weren’t allowed to go on the investigation, but we had all been there once before on a school trip. Inside, the house smells like dead flowers and it’s filled with furniture with pink fabric, flowery pillows, shelves and shelves of dust-covered books, and, oddly, lots — and I mean LOTS — of statues of fairies (weird, I know). The house was once the home of famous artist and sculptor Juan Pablo Seville and his mother.

After the S.P.I.R.I.T. investigation, our parents spent MANY nights going through their notes, pictures, video, and tape recordings. Something happened there that they’ve never explained to us. So, naturally, we snooped through their notes.

The most intriguing thing we found was this drawing:


Agnes snapped a photo of the sketch using her tablet so we could upload it here and show you. It doesn’t look like any creature we’ve seen in a science book. What could be in that crawl space??? Is it an animal never confirmed by science?!? Is it something supernatural like a demon?!?

We spent weeks combing through library books and asking every science teacher in school about what it could be. Even the internet wasn’t any help! We came up with nothing. Since we can’t find a scientific explanation for what this creature is, we’ve classified it as — paranormal!

But it may not stay that way. Why? Because science may one day prove this is in fact a real animal. That’s why we use science to help us solve mysteries. Until then, however, we can only wonder what’s living in the darkness of the crawl space inside the old Seville House.

Thanks for dropping in! Come back next week for a Haunted History lesson and find out which U.S. President haunts the White House!


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