Dinner with the DEAD

Muriel’s Restaurant in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans, is not very old. In fact, it only opened its doors in 2001! BUT, the building the restaurant is in, was built more than 50 years before the American Revolution, around 1718. Since then, the building has been the home of politicians and businessmen. It has been used as […]

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Night of the Supermoon

Have you ever seen a UFO? Over the last century, thousands of people have claimed they’ve seen strange things in the sky. Even S.P.I.R.I.T. kid, Hans Smit, has witnessed a UFO sighting. Read about his horrifying encounter now!

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Looking for a scare?

Welcome to Knocks & Taps. Dive into the chilling tales of writer Dan Cappello. Follow his ten-year-old S.P.I.R.I.T. kids characters as they investigate mysterious ghosts, creatures — even aliens — in the strange little town of Elmwood. Stop by every Wednesday for an all new story…if you can handle it.

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