Ghost Hunting Rules!

If you’re really interested in exploring the paranormal, make sure you know the rules. Being safe and having fun is what paranormal investigating is all about! That’s why we do it. Here are the simple rules we follow:

RULE #1: Always work with a parent or adult.

You should never go on an investigation by yourself. Talk to your parents or a teacher about what you’re interested in and have them help you. Adults have so much knowledge, which can come in handy when you have questions during your investigation.

RULE #2: NEVER explore places you’re not allowed to!

You never know what ghosts or monsters are lurking. The best places to investigate are really cool, historic spots like old battlefields, haunted restaurants, even museums! Join tour groups with family and friends and do your investigations together. Because remember, ghosts don’t just come out at night.

RULE #3: Do your homework.

Before you take a tour of an old Civil War battlefield, do some research on what happened there. You can use the library to find great information. Or, ask your teacher or librarian where you can find information online. The more you know before you go — the easier it’ll be to know what you’re looking for.

RULE #4: Be prepared.

The old Boy Scout motto rings true even for paranormal investigating! Make sure you have everything you need from notebooks and pens, to a camera and tape recorder, to friends and family to share the fun with.

RULE #5. The most important rule — HAVE FUN!

Whether you’re hunting for a ghost or searching for a weird looking creature on a campout, investigating the paranormal should be fun NOT scary.